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Im violet and i want to put cool things into the world. this page is one of those things and will play host to my other things. i like making and enjoying weird digital art and im a huge nerd for Games as Art(tm). basically i'm the same as every other gay trans comp sci student but cooler because im mixed race (maximum genetic variety) (this is a joke) and my ideas are objectively better and more correct (not a joke)


this is where the Latest Thing I Made (or just want to show people) goes.

go look how cool my reviews page is now

Stuff I'm working on right now:

  • this fuckin website
  • the rpg maker thing on my (eternally on the backburner)
  • a million other small things


i first started actually building this website x days ago

dont expect constant updates im too neurodiverse for all that. it took 88 days before i made my media page look interesting

mini blog/update thing i guess


almost done with uni... hurhgrhgurhgrughrg


this third year of university shit got hands. site will probably start improving again in like six months


I survived the new year I've just been busy af updates will trickle in eventually


Watching Twin Peaks rn. It's giving me motivation to make the media page better so i can talk about this weird ass show


Wrote up some thoughts on SMT Nocturne (finally) and realised how restrictive and ugly the format I've built for myself is. dedicated SMT page coming soon(?)


ok so i got bored of i3 because it doesn't have any cool animations and I was interested in trying Wayland so I switched window manager on my laptop to hyprland with no DE (it looks like this now, I also switched to using EWW for the widgets/bars) and it took wayyy too long but now that's done I can finally write up my thoughts on SMT nocturne since i beat that a few days ago. took me long enough lol


after like 3 weeks of using linux mint with cinnamon i got bored and switched to Arch with KDE Plasma with the window manager swapped for i3. I spent like 3 days configuring it (it looks like this now) so that + moving back to uni has thrown me off my webmistressry game i'll probably add more shit here soon. i havent even finished smt 3 yet so the review for that getting fleshed out is on the horizon


Installed Linux on my laptop and now I'm realising that the fonts I picked dont display properly on here. Great


ok im pretty much done after not touching it at all yesterday. the wallpaper on the fake desktop is just mine lol it's a screenshot of my ffxiv character i took with a reshade setting and hue shifted in photoshop
UPDATE: NEW MEDIA PAGE IS LIVE!!! GO CHECK IT OUT!!! (its still just games rn but i'll add a cool little kinda-diegetic interface for switching that around soon i promise. i wanna talk about movies)


guys im finally making the media section less fucking ugly but itll take a few days i think


I remembered I have a hacked N3dsXL recently and I've been playing the shit out of shin megami tensei 4. I got pretty close to the end of the chaos route and realised I fucking hate it. I really love the game but both the law and chaos routes are completely fucking insane. the law route pretends to be about two-step utilitarianism, but the reality of the situation is that God is just as fallible as any other demon and clearly not as omniscient and omnipotent as the angels would like you to believe, meaning that whole route is actually just a puritanical genocide done in service of the arbitrary whims of a demon. Meanwhile the chaos route is just "FUCK GOD KILL EVERYONE!!!!!!!" with some weird might-makes-right fascist-lite barbarism sprinkled on top. I could get behind this as a tragic story of two men shaped by their environments and taken advantage of by forces greater than themselves to serve as pawns in their grand designs or whatever if there wasn't a neutral ending, but there is. and it's a giant fucking pain in the ass to get. and I went balls deep into the chaos route because I didn't know how bad it would turn out to be. And now I barely feel like continuing because my save from before the alignment lock is like 20 levels of progress behind where I'm currently at. I'm a little mad. Honestly, this would be a 9/10 if the alignment system was less opaque and the character development was a little less contrived. I'll probably load my save and grind through to the neutral ending once I have access to weed again. In the meantime I'm gonna play strange journey and Nocturne. I fucking love shin megami tensei man lmao


check out my shitty godot mech game I made for a game jam. I kinda hate it and wish I made something else but by the time I started feeling like that the sunk-cost fallacy had kicked in so instead I just procrastinated working on it and it ended up even worse than it would have otherwise. It looks cool though and I learned a lot making it, so I guess it was worth it.


media page now slightly more fleshed out, but only with videogames. will look into a way to switch between forms of media (probably with javascript?)

like 20 minutes after the last one lol

i have no idea how im gonna make this webpage look cool. lmao (also i have no content for the other pages. fear and hunger ramble on the media page soon ?)


i haven't updated this shit in forever. go look at the new github link it has a useful little godot thing on it. also i'm making the other pages now finally

Silliness n shit

being pretentious as hell but in like an 85%-jokey way is rly funny to me. i just changed this section's title from "Posts" to "Visions, Ramblings: Posts." and giggled at it for like 30 seconds


This is a good video . i agree

Home Page Political Statement

im on neocities so of course i hate internet homogenisation + social media shit. also im a communist. trans rights are worker's rights are black rights etc global proletariat revolution now etc

fav stuff rn

very much subject to change
  • song: I Never Told You What I Do For A Living, My Chemical Romance
  • album: COLD VISIONS, bladee
  • game: Kenshi
  • fighting game: Tekken 8
  • manga: One Piece
  • book: Confessions of A Mask, Yukio Mishima

temporary mascot

check this thing out. is it a cat? check my rpg maker "game" out on itch

click me!

Check it out. Badge

I made a little badge. featuring the little mascot creature i've been cooking up in blender for months bc i keep forgetting about it/losing motivation